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As a journalist and writer by profession, one might wonder why I haven’t managed to pull together a blog until now all the way into… (gasp) …2013! Well, the reasons are varied and really, who cares?

More importantly, why would anyone want to ready yet another blog about parenting?

Well, I hope you do. Because I feel like I may have something to offer and with any luck, it may be a new perspective — or at the very least, entertaining. So I hope you give my Merry-Go-Round a bit of a chance. Let’s enjoy this ride together!


I am a mother of four closely-spaced siblings. Today my children are 10, 11 (almost 12), 13 and 14. Three girls and a boy (Girl, Girl, Boy, Girl if you want the order). I will introduce you to them soon enough. But in short, I spent the majority of my 20’s being pregnant, having babies and changing diapers.

While I don’t feel as if I fit in a box as Just a MOM… the experience definitely resonates throughout pretty much everything else I do in life. Rest assured, I have plenty of interests outside of my children and I will undoubtedly touch on those topics as well.

Some of the things I plan to blog about include:

* Parenting
* Health & Wellness
* Hobbies (Baking, Photography, Travel, Reading, Writing)
* Family
* The World in General


It’s a play on Champion. Yes, I’m pretty sure you all caught on pretty quick but I’m pointing it out just in case you haven’t had your morning coffee yet.

Well isn’t that mighty hoity-toity of me, thinking I’m a Champion Mom and all that? Well… yes. And no. By one definition, a Champion is someone who competes and comes out the winner. But the second definition of Champion is one who advocates, defends, holds up, protects and asserts. In my journey as a mom, I am endeavoring to do all these things for my children. And in that journey — which is a marathon to be sure — I do believe I will come out a winner, simply because I’ve chosen NOT TO GIVE UP!

I assure you, I am NOT a perfect mom — if pressed to do so, my kids will profusely extol upon you all the ways in which I do not measure up — but I am still waking up each day, putting on my game face and giving it my best effort. I’m dusting off the mistakes and cherishing the victorious moments — be them ever so small — and am always moving forward. For that, I do believe I am a Champimom!

With that notion in mind, I’m willing to bet that you are a Champimom or Champidad too!


A person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition, esp. in sports.
Support the cause of; defend.
noun. champ – advocate – supporter – fighter
verb. defend – advocate – uphold – protect – assert